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Get to know yourself and the team with DiSC

DiSC Classic is a personality questionnaire that allows you to get to know yourself and others better. DiSC profiles define behavioral styles and are therefore ideal tools in the work environment.

Based on the results of the DiSC Classic evaluation, it is possible to improve communication in the organization, develop effective leaders and improve teamwork. Because conflicts usually arise from not knowing how to treat a person with a certain style of behavior, knowing the types of behavior will help prevent conflicts or help resolve disagreements.

The training introduces the DISC model, analyzes the results of the assessment and participants practically learns to apply their individual results in real work situations, how and when to adjust their behavior and how to improve teamwork.

Benefits of DiSC® training

Participants will learn about their personal behavior and reveal their potential

Participants will understand their most important needs in their work activities

Participants will learn how and when to change their behavior, how to flexibly adapt their communication style to communicate with different people and get the most out of it

Participants will learn how to maneuver in conflict situations, depending on the type of person behavior

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