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Stress management

Stress is a part of our lives that accompanies us during both good and bad events. The stress response experienced in critical circumstances helps people survive. And even under normal conditions, stress helps us to mobilize our forces, to concentrate, to perform better – for example, in the case of competitions, exams or difficult negotiations.

However, extreme or very prolonged stress has a negative effect on people’s health. It is not for nothing that stress is called a silent killer, because the consequences of long-term stress are associated with diseases of the heart and digestive systems, various muscle aches and anxiety and emotional disorders. Work-related stress affects millions of European workers in all sectors. According to various surveys in Lithuania, from 70 to 90 percent of people experience stress every day. 

Everyone has internal resources to deal with everyday difficulties. Very often we are not stressed by the events themselves, but by our attitude towards them. During this training, you become acquainted with mindfulness, learn to relax, regain inner peace and restore your inner resources. By growing our psychological resilience, we can maintain our energy and well-being.

The aim of the training is to strengthen the emotional health and well-being of the participants by developing stress recognition and management skills.

Benefits of  stress management training

Participants will refine what is causing them stress at work and will learn to manage stress reactions properly

Participants will analyze their positive and stressful attitudes and learn to manage their inner language

Participants will learn effective ways to build resilience and relaxation techniques

The practical tasks will inspire, encourage you to actively try out stress management methods and choose the most appropriate techniques

Participants will be able to apply the acquired knowledge and practical skills both at work and in their personal lives

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