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Feedback. How to provide and receive it

Feedback is an information that a person receives from others about themselves. Properly provided feedback directs employee behavior toward the goal, encourages the setting and adjustment of goals, acts as a motivator, and indicates directions for improvement. Properly used feedback acts as an engine that pushes the organization forward through continuous employee development, so providing feedback is one of the most important activities of a manager. However, managers often do not like to provide feedback because they do not know how to present the information so that it is properly understood and accepted. This curriculum is designed to develop leadership feedback and acceptance skills.

The aim of the training is to develop the ability to provide feedback to subordinates, colleagues and managers and to receive feedback from others.

This training is for you if you don’t know:

How to tell an employee if he or she made a mistake without losing his or her motivation?

How to give feedback to a colleague so that he can hear and accept the information?

How do you praise an employee so that the praise encourages him or her to work even harder?

After all, how do you listen to and give feedback to your manager?

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