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Effective performance appraisal

Proper feedback to employees is a critical part of a mature company culture. This training program will help ensure that performance appraisal interviews bring the best possible results to your organization, manager, and employees. You will gain not only theoretical but also practical knowledge of effective conversation.

The purpose of the training is to provide practical knowledge about preparing for an performance appraisal interview with an employee, conducting an effective interview. The participants of the seminar will be able to draw up specific action plans related to the organization and conduct of the performance appraisal interview, will practice the techniques of conducting interviews, and will develop the skills of conducting a successful performance appraisal interview.

Benefits of effective performance appraisal

Training will help organizations conduct meaningful and effective performance appraisal interviews

Training participants will learn how to express criticism correctly

Managers will learn to conduct effective interviews with employees

Participants will understand how to evaluate work performance objectively

The training will reveal how to increase employee productivity after a performance appraisal interview

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