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We train about what we know the best – various topics related to the assessment. We offer internal training courses in organizations, regardless of the size or the industry of organization. Active workshops using personal assessment results – an excellent form of training for developing employees’ skills, deepening their self-understanding and motivating them.


Get to know yourself and the team with DiSC

DiSC Classic is a personality questionnaire that allows you to get to know yourself and others better. DiSC profiles define behavioral styles and are therefore ideal tools in the work environment.

Feedback as a part of annual performance appraisal

Proper feedback to employees is a critical part of a mature company culture.

Feedback. How to provide and receive it

Feedback is an information that a person receives from others about himself. Properly provided feedback directs the behavior of employees toward the goal, helps to adjust the objectives, motivates and indicates areas for development. 

Stress management

Very often we are not stressed by the events themselves, but by our attitude towards them. During this training, you become acquainted with attentive awareness, learn to relax, regain inner peace and restore your inner resources.

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