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About Addelse

Addelse is a provider of talent management tools and services

Our values

Positive change, Trust, Focus, Curiosity, Joy

ProfileXT (PXT)

ProfileXT is an assessment designed to measure job match. The method helps to create performance models by reviewing the characteristics of employees who have demonstrated success in a particular position

Checkpoint 360

Checkpoint360 is a tool for assessment of leadership competencies. It is a multi-rater feedback process that provides managers and leaders with an opportunity to receive an evaluation 

DiSC Classic

DiSC Classic is a personality questionnaire which allows a better understanding of ourselves and other people. Based on the DiSC Classic assessment results organizations are able to improve …

Hogan Assessments

Hogan uses the science of personality assessment to help organizations select the right people, develop talented employees, build great leaders and effective teams, and impact the bottom line.

Work engagement survey

Job engagement survey reveals employees’ willingness to work, efforts to achieve organizational goals, job satisfaction and employee loyalty to the organization

Get to know yourself and your team with DiSC

DiSC Classic is a personality questionnaire that allows you to get to know yourself and others better. DiSC profiles define behavioral styles and…

Effective performance appraisal

Proper feedback to employees is a critical part of a mature company culture. This training program will help ensure that performance appraisal interviews bring the best possible…

Feedback. How to provide and receive it

Feedback is information that a person receives from others about themselves. Properly given feedback guides employees towards the goal…

Stress management

Stress is a part of our lives that accompanies us during both good and bad events. By growing our psychological resilience, we can maintain our energy and well-being.

Career management training

A career is a lifelong sequence of a person’s work and learning experiences. Career management in organizations involves both advising employees on career issues and…

Our areas of expertise:

We can assist with employees’ evaluations, managers’ competencies assessments, work engagement surveys and trainings on feedback, effective performance appraisal, self and team knowledge, stress management and other topics. 

Employee assessment

We help organizations to assess a person’s suitability for a specific position, both for external candidates and for the organization’s employees.

Managers' competencies assessment

We perform competency assessment of managers at all levels, using the 360 ​​assessment method and the competence assessment center method.


We conduct research on work engagement, job satisfaction, and the organization’s microclimate.


We conduct training on employees’ appraisal topics – feedback, performance appraisal, self and team knowledge with DiSC.

Talent management programs

We provide help with shift planning in the organization, develop and help implement talent management programs.

Personnel management consultations

We advise heads of organizations and HR managers on various personnel management issues.


Airida Zavadske

Airida Zavadske

Director, expert

dr. Natalija Norvile

dr. Natalija Norvile


Beata Sinkievič

Beata Sinkievič


Edita Palskė

Edita Palskė


Elena Pleckaitiene

Elena Pleckaitiene


Ieva Trepsyte

Ieva Trepsyte


Addelse is benevolent and responsive to the needs of the company, fast working and offering solutions what is relevant to companies operating in a dynamic environment. They know their field professionally, adapt to the client’s expectations and create solutions.
Personnel Manager

Rasa Buožienė

The consultants worked professionally and were flexible and customer orientated. The goal of the study was achieved, and Addelse consultants provided rational opportunities for improvement. I appreciate Addelse services and recommend them as a reliable partner.

Mida Kalvaitienė

We have been using PXT in the selection of almost every employee for 2 years now. Our HR professionals and company executives value PXT for its reliability, ease of use, clear information, and the ability to provide feedback to each person who was tested.

Agnė Novikienė