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About Addelse

Addelse provides personnel management consulting, tools and services to organizations.

At Addelse, we believe that people are competitive advantage of the companies. The key to the development of a high performance workforce is excellence in hiring, focused training, genuine motivation, enthusiastic engagement, quality succession planning, high retention and superior management and leadership.

Our tools are designed to facilitate all human resources management processes – from selection and on-boarding to succession planning and outplacement.

We want to create an environment, where individuals are empowered to realize their full potential by maximizing their talents and abilities.

We make efforts to advance the quality and value of talent management practices in the region. We seek to partner with our customers to accomplish their goals and to meet the challenge of combining high performance with individual personal fulfillment.

About us:

Addelse (‘PRO Assessments’) was established in 2007. The name ‘Addelse’ comes from the description of the creative thinking technique ‘Add something else’. Creativity and continuous improvement are the operating principles that guide our work.

The inspiration of all our activities are our customers – we take our customers very seriously and sincerely, we strive to establish a partnership with them, helping them to achieve their goals.

Our services focus on three areas: employee appraisal (for selection and training purposes), employee engagement research and training. We also cooperate with recruiting and training companies in Lithuania and abroad.

Our values:

Positive change

We research, analyze, train and provide information that helps companies make decisions and create a positive collaborative environment


We build long-term relationships that stem from trust and professionalism


We only do what we excel at, and we do it well


We are interested in the world, organizations, people and share this knowledge


We are happy with our own achievements and those of others and we celebrate them


Airida Zavadske, Addelse founder and CEO

Favorite quote: ‘It is the hardest thing in the world to frighten a mongoose, because he is eaten up from nose to tail with curiosity’

Airida’s area of ​​expertise is the assessment of the competencies of employees (specialists and managers). Airida is a representative of ProfileXT® Personality Assessment Methodology and Checkpoint 360 Management Competency Assessment Tool in the Baltics, certified DiSC® consultant. Airida holds a master’s degree in organizational psychology. She is a certified European psychologist (Europsy certificate). She qualified for internships in the US, UK and UAE, and is a co-author of articles and books on human resource management.

Natalija Norvile, Expert

Favorite quote: ‘Common sense is not so common’

Natalija’s area of ​​expertise – research, training and education of employee work engagement. Nataliaj is a certified ProfileXT®, Checkpoint 360 ™ and DiSC® consultant. Natalija has a doctorate in social sciences (psychology) and a master’s degree in business psychology. She is a certified European Psychologist (EuroPsy Certificate, Work and Organizational Psychology field). Natalija improved her qualifications during her internships in Europe, she is a co-author of articles and books on human resource management.

Adrija Repecke, Junior Consultant

Favorite quote: ‘Enough is (not) enough’

Adrija’s area of ​​work – employee engagement surveys and employee evaluation. Adrija is a certified ProfileXT®, DiSC® and Checkpoint 360™ consultant. Education – Bachelor of Psychology. Master’s student in Organizational psychology.

Elena Pleckaitiene, Assistant

Favorite quote:  ‘In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can’ /Nikos Kazantzakis/

Elena’s area of ​​work – employee engagement surveys, organization of activities and assistance in implementing projects. Education – Bachelor of Public administration, Master of Human resources management.

Kotryna Sipavičiūtė,Assistant

Favorite quote: „Where your fear is, there is your task.“

The field of work is employee engagement research and assistance in implementing projects. Bachelor’s student in psychology.

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